You can’t cook just anywere..

You need the kitchen! Believe me, I know not every kitchen is perfect and most of us won’t ever have the kitchen of our dreams.. but.. we can hope!! My husband, Pierre, and I always talk about having the house of our dreams. OK.. it’s mostly me talking and him nodding.. but still, he’s in the room when I talk, that counts as a conversation, right?! One of the first thing I talk about is having at least two kitchens.. you know, one indoor, one outdoor, both completely functional! Call me crazy but seeing a truly stunning kitchen makes me so happy! In just seconds, I can play around with it in my mind and see where I would put all my kitchen gadgets and goodies!
Can I have THAT for Christmas??

The other thing I bring up is the double oven. One of the things that stresses me out most is having people over and not being able to cook everything at the same time in two ovens! Thanksgiving is the worst! The stinkin’ turkey takes up all the space and then you have to play tetres to make all the other stuff fit! And then you either burn something or under cook something else! I’m getting hot just thinking about it!

Also, how cool would it be to have a pantry that wraps around the back of the kitchen and having a walking in cooler back there, too?? Sheer beauty! You could put literally ANYTHING YOU WANT BACK THERE! Herbs, vegetables, even grains all at an appropriate temperature away from sunlight :). OH! And a wine cooler back there, too!

Needless to say that when Pierre and I have the opportunity to build our own home, the kitchen designs will go down first, then all the other stuff. I’ll leave you with this image.. it actually make me want to cry a little!


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