My New Summer Love


I go to the grocery store every week for fresh fruits and vegetables. Over the past three years of marriage, my other half has really worked hard to get me to control my spending on delicious items. He deserves a medal :).

I don’t know why but I never go to local farmer’s market! I love them and I think they are wonderful but I never wanted to go out of my way to find one (super lazy!). Last Sunday a group of friend and I went to a local market and I got some yummy stuff and I only spent $18!!! WHOA!

The first thing I got is kale. I LOVE Kale.

If you’ve never had kale, I understand! It looks all weird and hard and has some sort of white waxy stuff one it. I just tried it for the first time about 3 months ago. I was a little worried but it was bitter and delicious. After you sautee it, it becomes this soft, sweet, refreshing, oh-so-good-for-you thing that’s a perfect side dish to any meal! I particularly like it with lots of fresh garlic! Here’s what I like to do.

Sauteed Kale (for one hungry person or to share with someone special)
1 bunch of kale, rinsed of any dirt
2 large cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of GOOD olive oil
Kosher salt

If you are right handed, take the stem of the kale in your left hand with the leaves facing towards your right side. Take your right hand and firmly grab and pull back on the leaves, it will very easily come right off the stem. If you’re a lefty just reverse hands :).

Chop the kale into smaller bite sizes pieces, it’s going to look like WAY too much but trust me it will be just enough. The heat from the pan will cook down the kale to about 1/3 of the volume! Add the olive oil to a non-stick sautee pan and turn up the heat to medium. Chop the garlic into medium sized pieces, you definitely want to be able to see the garlic in the pan, no mincing! Add the garlic to the oil and allow it to cook and soften for about 3 minutes. Add the kale to the pan and out a lid on the pan. Steam the kale for about 3 -4 minutes and stir until all the leaves are wilted and bright green. Turn off the heat, add kosher salt to taste, stir one more time and serve!

The other cool thing I got at the market that I had never tried before was white corn. I’ve heard that it’s amazing on the grill but because I live in an apartment I don’t have the advantage of a grill SOO I have to improvise. I cranked up the heat on the oven to 400 degrees F and threw the entire ears of corn on a baking sheet with olive oil, salt & pepper. THAT’S IT! Cook it for about 15 minutes then go in and give them a turn do they cook evenly all the way around. Another 10 minutes and you’re golden!
I will definitely be going back to that market and try and find other cool places to tell you about!


One thought on “My New Summer Love

  1. I discovered kale a little while ago and loved it instantly. I do prefer the curly kale which is the one your featuring to the black kale also known as Tuscany kale or cavolo nero. Please do expore your farmers markets a bit more, you never know what you come away with.


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