To Be or Not To Be… Vegetarian?

A couple of months ago I watched a movie called Food, Inc. It’s a movie about food and where it comes from. I strongly suggest that you watch this movie but BE CAREFUL.. I didn’t eat meat for 5 weeks after seeing it!

The movie really impacted the way I think about animals and what they go through to get on my plate. After those five weeks, the shock wore off and I started eating meat again. Those five weeks were crazy because my husband refused to accept what I was doing and simply thought there wouldn’t be any benefits for me by leading a vegetarian diet. I informed him that I would be getting all of the necessary protein and vitamins but he was a little skeptical. During the time I was not eating meat, I got to experience delicious vegetables and combined several ingredients I didn’t think to do before. Even now, after eating meat again for about 2 months, I feel a slight twinge of guilt. SO..

I asked my other half if he would be willing to try a vegetarian diet for one week if I could guarantee protein in ways other then animal flesh. He said… “I’ll try it for a month” !!! I am so excited! I have a super fun project ahead of me that I will be sure to share with you!

For more information on Food, Inc go to


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