For all the brown-baggers!

OK, so I know how hard and sometimes annoying it can be to pack our lunches for work or school. I have no problem packing my husband’s lunch but for some reason I can’t make up my mind as to what I want. And being in love with food the way that I am, a plain ol’ sandwich won’t do! This past week I whipped something up before heading out the door and to my surprise.. it was awesome! I didn’t really measure anything and I thought it would be pretty good, but it was so good that I had it twice in one week! It’s super easy and it fit in my little lunch box so it’s easy to transport.

Black Bean Wraps, makes 2 large wraps
1/3 cup canned black beans
1 Roma tomato
1 teaspoon of finely chopped onion (whatever you have in the pantry will work!)
Juice of 1 lime
Chili powder, 3 dashes
Cumin, 2 dashes
Salt & pepper, to taste

Put all the ingredients into a Tupperware container with a good lid so no yummy juices drip out.

If you want, you can stop right there, put a couple of fat-free wraps and lettuce in foil and call it a vegan day OR you can put a little bit of cheese in a zip lock bag along with some sour cream in a small container. Either way, it’s vegetarian and delicious!


I also had some of the black bean mixture left over so I use it as a salsa with tortilla chips. SO GOOD!


2 thoughts on “For all the brown-baggers!

  1. Is that your lunch box. Pretty. Where did you get it, cos I actually wouldn't mind getting my mitts on one.Liking the Black bean wraps. My kind of lunch, better than a cheesy sandwich anyday!


  2. Hi! Yes, that is my lunch box. My friend gave it to me for my birthday, it's made by Vera Bradley.You have to try the black bean wraps, they are amazing! Let me know if you like them :).


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