Julie & Julia

I can’t help but watch Julie & Julia over and over.. in fact.. I’m watching it right now! There is something about the raw passion for food that Meryl Streep portrays as Julia Child that gets me. AND.. the first time I saw the movie I felt so touched by the happiness of the character that I CRIED, but I cry about everything, haha so I guess it wasn’t such a surprise to me! Anyway, enough with my small obsession.

The vegan diet has been going really well! Pierre actually said that he didn’t miss meat! It’s really amazing for him to speak those words, I’m happy!! One of my favorite meals this past week was Friday night when I made falafels! I got the recipe from Recipe Zaar and it was soo yummy! The recipe also has a yogurt sauce to compliment but if you’re keeping track.. no yogurt for us :). SO I made a tahini sauce. Tahini is a delicious sesame paste. I mixed it with a little bit of water, lime juice, cayenne pepper, salt and then you whisk in some olive oil until it becomes a nice dressing.

I made some roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli (of course) to round out the meal.
I am really looking forward to week two, bean soup is on the schedule for tomorrow!

Our 4th of July was a lot of fun! I had a dear friend from Virginia Beach spend the day with us on Saturday, it was great! We went for a walk down by the water and we were able to enjoy a lot of beautiful views :).

I just have to ask.. have you ever had vegan ice cream? It’s so delicious that I prefer it over regular dairy ice cream! I love anything with coconut in it so we get the Coconut Bliss brand because it’s made from coconut milk. Right now I have the Naked Coconut and Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge in the freezer. I’ve also already had the Cappuccino. I do plan on going through every flavor.. but right now my favorite is the Naked Coconut, IT’S AWESOME!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!


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