When I first started reading about becoming vegetarian and then vegan, the main thing that stuck out in my mind was: CHEESE. I love cheese. It’s not just like a, sure, I’ll have cheese on my burger, it’s a, there better be cheese somewhere on my plate or I’m gonna be mad!. Well, of course we can’t eat cheese on a vegan diet, how depressing! BUT I totally get why, I mean, dairy.. hello?? Not good for you.

So anyway, a lovely vegan lady at the gym informed my hubs about Daiya Vegan Cheese and she said that it was the best she’d ever had. As soon as he told me that, I was determined to find a store that carried it. It comes in a cheddar form already shredded and it melts like real cheese! Call me crazy, but I’m darned excited about it! It’s gooey and tastes like the cheese on Cheetos, mmmm.

The purpose of this blog is to thank the vegan lady and Daiya Vegan Cheese for making my lunch possible and a great success today. I had a yummy refried bean burrito with CHEESE, and it rocked..



  1. Ooh… better you than me, girl. I'm all about it in supporting you, but there's NO way I could do the no-meat thing. There'd have to be a serious health condition or something. I love me some chicken and steak! ha haGood for you guys, though… you're doing sooo great with it!!


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