It’s Not What You Think!

I have NOT abandoned you!! I’ve definitely been slacking on the posts but that’s because I’ve been very distracted checking out all of the other amazing blogs out there! Before I started this blog I had NO idea that there was such a thing as a food blog.. turns out so many people have them! I have been looking through some amazing recipes and trying a lot of them. If you haven’t looked through my blog roll, I strongly encourage it!

My personal favorite is Foodgawker. People from all over the world post their beautiful pictures and creative recipes. Foodgawker isn’t a blog in itself but it’s a site where people can display their talents in the kitchen as well as photography. I’ve compiled a list of some favorite blogs and people – please look through some of these and get ideas for your next kitchen adventure! But make sure to give them the credit!

Kristen’s Kitchen
Vegan Crunk
What Would Cathy Eat
Little House Of Veggies
101 Cookbooks
Allotment 2 Kitchen
It Aint Meat Babe
In Praise Of Leftovers
Pig In The Kitchen
The Voracious Vegan
The Kind Life

You can tell that the owners of these blogs have a great passion for cooking and sharing it with the world. I love their energy and most of all, their recipes! YUM!

I have a few recipes up my sleeve waiting to be posted so look out for those soon!


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