Weeknight Fried Rice

Hi! Can you believe it’s almost 2011? I am in a little bit of shock, but I am confident that it will be a great year!

I am the one who does the cooking in my house, and I love it! We always eat what I’m in the mood for ;). Every now and then when I am too tired to cook, I ask Pierre to ‘make’ dinner. When Pierre ‘makes’ dinner it usually means someone will be ringing the doorbell withing 40 minutes with a pizza or chicken & broccoli (extra broccoli, please!). I don’t mind that he isn’t into the whole cooking thing, I just have to be willing to eat take out when I’m not feeling up to cooking. Last night I was tired but we usually try to save the take-out budget for weekends. I decided to make a quick version of fried rice and I’m so glad I did!

I am not the type of cook who used may frozen or canned ingredients but I hadn’t been to the grocery store this week (I know, crazy!) so I just used some frozen veggies I had as a back-up. Try this with fresh ingredients, I bet you’ll love it!

Weeknight Fried Rice

Serves 4
1 Large onion, medium chop
4 Large garlic cloves, slices thin
2 Chicken breasts, cleaned of all fat & chopped into bite-sized pieces
2 cups of cooked Jasmine rice (you can use brown rice for this recipe, too), day-old cooked rice is best for this, but I used fresh made rice and it was delicious!
1/2 cup green beans, frozen
1/2 cup broccoli, frozen
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 tbsp toasted sesame seed oil
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp red pepper flakes
1 tsp fish sauce
Extra virgin olive oil
-No salt is needed because of the soy sauce!

I started by heating enough oil to coat the bottom of a large stock pot on medium heat. I added the onions and let them cook for a bit, they will start to brown slightly around the edges. Add the garlic and cook for about two minutes. Next, add the chicken and allow to cook on medium heat until it starts to caramelize.

While the chicken is cooking you can make the sauce. In a small bowl combine the cornstarch, soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce and red pepper flakes. Mix well until the cornstarch is completely dissolved. Once the chicken is cooked through, add the rice and stir everything around for about a minute. Turn the heat up to medium-high and add the soy sauce mixture. Stir this around for a few minutes until the sauce is completely distributed throughout the rice. At this point, you can try the rice and see if it needs any more spice or salt. Next, you dish this up and EAT! It’s really delicious!

Like I said, I hadn’t gone to the store yet but if I had, you better believe there would have been scrambled eggs in this fried rice, too. After adding the sauce to the rice I would have created a small well in the center of the pot (move everything to the sides of the pot) and cracked two eggs right in the middle. I would have let them cook for about 1 minute and then mixed everything together for another 2 minutes, and done!

You can also mix up the veggies for this, you can add peppers, corn, eggplant, mushrooms.. the options are endless! Enjoy this one!


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