Egg & Hummus Breakfast Sandwich

Good morning! I am having a very sluggish morning today. I only got about 5 hours of sleep and I am totally feeling it right now. I needed a nice hot breakfast to get me going!

I really enjoy egg whites in the morning.. any way, really. Since discovering sandwich thins, I’ve been making random breakfast sandwiches here and there.

I love these guys!
Fiber goodness 🙂

I love that they are packed with protein & fiber but only 1 gram of fat and 100 calories! I’ve tried several different brand but they are all essentially the same. I love the multi-grain because of the texture.

Anyway, I spread homemade hummus (I had forgotten all about it in the fridge, SO glad it’s still good!) on one side and sprinkles a little bit of reduced-fat shredded mozzarella cheese.


Sorry for the crummy photo! This breakfast was ALMOST perfect.. I had to have my coffee, no day is complete without it in my book!

why yes, I did enjoy fruit out of that cup once, why do you ask?

Don’t hate on the mug, OK? It was an awesome gift once and it holds lots of coffee ;). I hope you guys have an awesome day today! I am looking forward to coming home after work and popping a P90X yoga!


2 thoughts on “Egg & Hummus Breakfast Sandwich

  1. We're so alike! I have a thing for mugs- I don't collect them or anything like that but I like big/funky mugs that you can wrap your hands around. I also hate orange flavoring in foods, but love oranges by themselves. Lastly, I just had hummus on an english muffin yesterday. I'm going to try the egg whites and hummus next.Cute blog!


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