Veggie Patch Saves Lunch!

Hi friends! I hope you all had a lovely week! Are you ready for the weekend?? I know I am! I have a full schedule and I’m looking forward to it.

This morning started off very early. I have to be at work early on Fridays for a weekly meeting so I tend to leave Friday workouts for the evening time. To be honest, I will skip Friday workouts most of the time because I want to get my weekend started right after work. Now that I have goals I will try and keep myself accountable for Friday workouts :).


This morning I wanted the same exact breakfast I had yesterday.. so I did! It was so delicious, again! There was one SLIGHT change in my breakfast. Really it was more of a visual change.

Cute, huh? I have all kinds of mugs. I have vision of an old (yet stylish and cute) hutch with glass doors displayed all kinds of mismatched and colorful mugs. When I have the kitchen of my dreams I will totally have a hutch like that! I love this mug because it’s the only one if its kind in my cupboard and the little guy on the front is somewhat of a mascot to the city I live in. Any guesses??


When 9:30am rolled around I busted out another LÄRABAR. This time I had the Tropical Fruit Tart. It was good but definitely not my favorite. Its main ingredients were pineapple, orange juice & orange rind. I LOVE pineapple but I can’t stand orange-flavored foods. I like eating oranges as a stand-alone fruit but I don’t like orange juice or orange infused foods. The orange kind of took over the flavor of this bar.. but I still ate it!


I was starving by 12:30 but I couldn’t actually sit done and eat lunch until about 1:15pm. I had a little help from the grocery store for today’s lunch. I really prefer to make my own lunches but I was too tired this morning to make much of anything. Here’s a rundown of today’s lunch.

It started out with a trip to the grocery store salad bar. I loaded up with greens & veggies including:

  • Salad Greens
  • Spinach
  • Baby Beets
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Feta Cheese
  • Scallions
  • Light Olive Oil Vinaigrette
  • Mashed Falafels

I have a confession.. I used store-bought falafels. Veggie Patch is a great brand for these, they are really flavorful and fluffy. I also took a small scoop of Chesapeake Seafood Salad from the salad bar. It’s really out of character for me to want to try anything doused in mayonnaise but this looked so yummy! And I don’t even like shrimp that much. From what I could taste, it had shell pasta, shrimp, crab, celery & onions. There was also plenty of Old Bay seasoning in there!


LOVE chickpeas!

I heated these little babies up and gave them a rough mash with my fork. Then I tossed them into my salad and shook it all around. All in all, a great lunch! It was very refreshing.

Because I am going to a friend’s birthday dessert party I wasn’t going to indulge in anything sweet. BUT when I got the check-out lane I could hardly contain myself when I say this:

THIS is why my mother taught me at a young age NOT to go to the store when you are hungry! Man oh man, it was delicious! I totally do not regret it :).

I hope you guys have a great Friday!


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