I Feel Jack3d!

What an awesome day! I started off my day VERY early, my alarm went off 4:30am. This morning was planning on going to the gym and hit the treadmill and run 1.5 miles, without stopping. I feel awesome because I completed 2 miles, without stopping and feeling amazing.

Let’s back up for a minute..

Pierre heard from a friend about a workout enhancer called Jack3d. He bought it because he’s also looking into getting back into the gym and needed an extra push. I generally don’t like to take any kind of supplement, even though there are times I think the ONLY way for me to get healthy is to have a pill do it for me. IT’S NOT! The whole point of this transformation is to be able to get myself healthy the right way and come out of it a more confident person.

Anyway, I wanted to take this supplement but Pierre wanted to take it a couple of times before I took it to see how it affected him. After a couple of days he told me it would be safe for me to try.

Well, I woke up at 4:30am to take Jack3d because it needs 30 minutes to get into your system. I have to say, it’s not your average workout enhancer. It comes in powder form and you add it to 8oz of water, and drink up! I would much rather have a pill then drinking gritty water, oh well. About 15 minutes after taking it I started to feel tingles and by the time if hopped on the treadmill, there was no stopping me.

I have never felt so much drive and focus while running. I actually get very bored while running indoors and I want to get off the treadmill by mile 1. Not today! I was breathing well and my legs were on a roll. Here comes a sentence I never thought I would think/type: It was so much fun!

This isn’t something that I would take daily but it’s great to know what when I need a little push to get to gym, it’s there!

Have you ever taken Jack3d? Do you like it?


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