I Got The Splints

I got the splints.. the shin kind :(. I started a daily exercise section here on my blog to keep myself accountable for my workouts. I was excited about that because I actually looked forward to filling this section out every day. It proves something, you know? Well, the last week or so I have not run on the treadmill because I got shin splints! My daily exercise section looks a little sad.

I can’t believe how painful & uncomfortable it is! I first noticed it about a week ago when I stepped off of the treadmill after running 2 miles and I had a shooting pain in my left lower leg. Eventually it turned into a bruise and it got a little swollen. While this STINKS, I’m kind of enjoying other machines at my gym, like the elliptical & stationary bike. Those were the two machines that when I say people using I would think “those people aren’t working out, they’re barley moving!”. Uhmm.. yeah, I’ll be the first to say that it’s NOT the case! Those machines are just as challenging as running a couple of mile or even more so.

Anyway, if you aren’t aware of what shin splints are, you can check it out here. I haven’t been running and the last 4 days I have not gone to the gym. I feel like a complete slacker! I’ve been WAY too tired for my 4:30am alarm, I think I need a new workout mantra. Hopefully I can kick this soon!

Have you ever had the splints? If so, how did yours heal up? Did you do anything to help the process along?


2 thoughts on “I Got The Splints

  1. I get shin splints when I run if it's been a while. If I don't pay attention to the position of my feet, I overpronate. Do you? If I make an effort to strike the ground with the middle of my feet (measured side-to-side) I don't get them much. The only think I know that heals them is time.


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