The Skinny

OK, here’s the skinny.

My life is upside down! For the past couple of months we’ve been on an emotional roller coaster due to Pierre’s unemployment. He worked for this nasty company as a government contractor and they didn’t renew his contract when his year was up. We were kind of expecting it and Pierre had already started looking for other jobs. Well, he inquired about his renewal several times and no one would give him a straight answer. Here’s the part that kills me. The day before (a Wednesday) his actual renewal was up, he e-mail his boss (she works in another state) and asked if the following day would be his last. She said, “No, tomorrow is not your last day”. Well, Friday rolls around and his boss magically appears in his office at 8am, all the way from Texas, to tell him to go home.

That was a little over 5 months ago. We were sad but knew it was on its way. Pierre didn’t let it get him down and immediately took action to ensure we would be OK. I still remember that day so clearly. I went home to be with him thinking he would need extra hugs but instead he gave me the hugs I needed. He was stronger and more determined then ever.

Since that horrible day in October, he’s been to many interviews and has had quite a few over the phone. He’s been considered for jobs in places like, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Florida, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Maryland and probably more then I care to remember.

I suddenly became the sole provider for our family, something I never thought I would have to be, and immediately felt the pressures of it. I’m in online school and I work full-time. I know I haven’t shared much about my faith with you but I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus and miracles. The past 5 months, almost 6, have been nothing short of that. Somehow we’ve survived and have been able to put food on the table and gas in our cars.

Sure, it’s taken a toll on us emotionally but I wouldn’t trade the closeness I’ve shared with Pierre over these past months for anything in the world. I have always been the type to plan ahead, see my future and grab for it. This experience has taught me a lesson for sure. God is in control of our futures and there’s nothing we can do about that. I’m in a time in my life where I have to let God lead me into complete darkness and not try to run away screaming in the other direction just because it’s ‘safe’. God is safety and He would not lead us down the wrong path.

Because all of this has been going on, I applied for a new job and after a long process of interviews, I was offered the position! I was thrilled.. but I knew I would have to tell my current employer soon enough. I start my new job on April 11th!

On top of it all, Pierre was offered the Job in Michigan yesterday! His start date is April 4th! We are so excited and can’t wait to start this new adventure but I’m exhausted! This kind of stuff really takes a toll on you! I am not moving until the end of the summer for certain reasons so I’m still taking the new job and I’m going to try to get the best experience out of it!

I guess it’s not really an excuse but that’s the main reason I haven’t been hitting the gym as much anymore. I toss & turn or have nightmares and then by the time my alarm goes off at 4:30a I can’t open my eyes!

Today I did go to the gym and I feel great! I ran/walked two miles over the course of about 27 minutes and my shins didn’t bother me! YAY! I tried to run last week but 5 minutes in I transferred over to the elliptical because they shin splints were acting up.

So anyway, there’s little insight into my life and what’s going on.. a whole lot!


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