It’s All About The Quarters

It’s all about the quarters in this house! I got an awesome idea from a friend of mine on how to save up money for new running shoes. As you know, we’ve been going through a rough time and we don’t necessarily have extra cash. As a standard, runners should get new shoes every 400 miles. Well, if you want great shoes and your a daily runner, you’re most likely going to be shelling out a pretty penny every couple of months just for new shoes. I don’t know about you but when my bank account takes a hit of a couple hundred dollars.. well, it hurts a little! Anyone else feel that way?

So back to my friend. She told me that every time she runs a mile, she throws a quarter in a jar. WELL, turns out, she saves up $100 by the time she runs 400 miles! How cleaver is that?!

You know Pierre and I had to start doing that ;). Now, when we get home from the gym, I walk over my jar and toss in quarters for the number of miles I ran that morning! I LOVE this idea.


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