Hi everyone! I feel like I’ve been caught in a whirlwind for about a week. Since my post about Pierre’s new job and moving, we’ve been really busy with trying to get everything in order. He’s leaving this weekend.. and I couldn’t be more of a wreck.

Pierre and I have never been apart for longer then a couple of nights since we got married (except when he had to travel to Cleveland for work, only 4 days though!). Even before we were married, we were pretty much always together. We met while we were both living in Miami. Two month before our wedding he got a job in Maryland. So he left but would be home every 10 days. After the wedding I moved, too, and now – it’s happening again, only 4 years later.

We’ve gotten so close over these past 6 months and I’m really going to miss our talks and snuggling up to him ;).

In other news, my last day at my current job is one week from today.. which means then I have to start a NEW job! I’m so excited by beyond nervous!

I have some recipes lined up to share with you so look out for those! I should have them up by this weekend! For now, I’ll leave you with my favorite Pierre & I photo.

Honeymoon in Mexico, 2007

Enjoy your weekend!


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