Capt’n Crunch French Toast

There is a restaurant in Baltimore called Blue Moon Cafe that serves Capt’n Crunch French Toast. Holy smokes! Their creation stirred up a bit of media and ended up on the Food Network’s Diners Drive-in & Dives, here’s the clip! We decided to go there about a year ago with some friends who were in town and ever since then Pierre’s been begging me to make it! I don’t know why I never did but now I know that was a big mistake ;).

We followed Alton Brown’s French Toast recipe and just crushed some Capt’n Crunch to coat the bread in. If you don’t know, Alton Brown is a TV host on the Food Network called Good Eats. I LOVE Good Eats. It’s probably my favorite show on the network. He really helps you understand food!

For the bread we used an amazing challah loaf which was inspired by another breakfast joint we went to about two years ago.. confused yet?? The restaurant, The Breakfast Shoppe, served a Brie & Honey Challah French Toast with blackberries.. yeah.. I know.

Anyway, we followed Alton’s recipe and even let the sliced challah sit out over night. I choose challah because it’s doughy and I just LOVE the flavor. You can use whatever kind of bread you like for your French toast! I will warn you, you want something that’s going to hold it’s own, you’re encrusting it with cereal bits after all.

So our recipe went something like this:
Custard: Alton Brown
Method: Alton Brown
Crust: Blue Moon Cafe
I honestly didn’t measure the Crunch but I know we used about half a bag for one loaf of challah.

Here are some money shots. Make this for someone you love – they won’t be able to do anything but love you right back ;).


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