Strabucks Love

Did you ever watch Bill Nye The Science Guy as a kid? I remember racing home from school and turning on Bill Nye. My sister, brother and I would be in a daze watching all of his experiments. I don’t remember much from his show but the one thing I ALWAYS associate with good ol’ Bill is the phrase “Did you know?”. Whenever someone says that I can hear a low, deep voice saying it in the back of my head. Pretty funny!

I bet you’re wondering what Starbucks and Bill Nye have in common. The answer is nothing. But here’s this..

Truth: I was a Starbucks Barista for 2 years.

Yep, it’s true, I served up delicious espresso drinks to the nice paying customers. AND here’s the kicker. I LOVED every second of it. Working at Starbucks is always cheerful. I mean, have you ever walked into a Starbucks where the staff was unhappy or unfriendly? I have never seen that and I’ve been to my share of stores!

It all started when I was in college and I wanted to get a job. The only job I had before college was as a hostess/server at a local pizza place and I really didn’t want to work at a restaurant. Pierre and I were engaged and he was a huge Starbucks fan. I knew of them and I knew their Coffee Frappuccino well. I liked coffee but I wasn’t addicted to it or anything. Anyway, Pierre suggested I work there because he heard their benefits are pretty great. I applied and the rest is history! My coffee addiction began to take shape ;).

Their benefits are amazing! Ever wonder why you pay high dollar for your drinks? Not only does Starbucks get their coffee from the best coffee farmers in the world but their 6 part mission statement references their care and passion towards their employees, or as they call them, partners. Every partner at Starbucks is important and their view on their employees is that if they care of their partners, their partners will take care of the customer. It’s pretty basic thinking and I don’t think enough companies think this way. Part-time partners (average of 20 hours per week) are eligible to have benefits, too. I was part-time in college and I had complete coverage AND I was able to get benefits for Pierre who was only my fiance at the time!

Once I received my degree I thought it was necessary for me to leave Starbucks and move on the world of hotels. Why? I don’t know. Sometimes I want to kick myself for ever leaving. There is so much room for growth within the company. I would love to work in their food development area, how cool would that be?! I am determained to work for Starbucks again one day, whether it’s my forever career or if it’s a part-time gig when I retire. I’m determined! Did I already say that?

The other day I went to lunch with a friend and we decided to pop in to get their new Mocha Coconut Fappuccino. I was never a huge fan of the mocha, it’s a little too bitter for me. SO I got a tall White Mocha Coconut Frappuccino.It was SO good! It was creamy and cold and if I closed my eyes I could swear I was hearing waves crashing on the shore. OK, maybe not the last part but seriously, this stuff if dangerous! The last few sips were amazing. Whipped cream with bits of toasted coconut. WOW. I don’t usually go for the full fat drinks at Starbucks but I had to go all out for this!

I’m more of a plain coffee or iced coffee Starbucks girl because I did my fair share of mixing drinks when I worked there. Oh yeah, you can totally drink as much coffee as you want while you’re working AND you get a mega discount. AND you one free POUND of coffee or one free box of tea PER week! I would always stock up around Christmas and give coffee as presents. People love that!

Have I convinced you to work there yet? HA! I just thought I’d share a little of my history with the company. I can’t wait to read Onward by Howard Shultz, he’s one of my heroes ;).

Have a great day everyone, I’m sipping on my Iced Via so you know I’ll have a great one! Don’t forget to try something new at Starbucks and throw in a little coconut syrup!


6 thoughts on “Strabucks Love

  1. The mocha coconut frap is the only drink that I get whip on…I love the toasted coconut on top! I was so happy that they brought it back 🙂


  2. YUM!! Thank you for introducing me to that amazing treat!! I've had a couple since then. I've also tried adding a couple coconut pumps into my white mocha latte like you suggested…delicious!!


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