Change is Good, Right?

WOW – it’s been a crazy couple of weeks! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, you’re not the only one! There’s really no excuse for my post neglect, but here goes!

1. I MOVED! I spent most of May packing and moving things to a storage unit. A MAJOR thank you to all of my friends who helped with that whole process. Pierre is usually the one to take over intense projects. I was pretty clueless! One of the steps we need to take to get me to Michigan sooner was to find someone to take over the lease of our apartment. After many inquiries and showings AND oh-so-many Craigslist adds, I am happy to announce that a lovely couple from Chile (cool, right?) signed the lease yesterday! YAY! I’ve been out of the apartment for a week now and yes.. I am still in Maryland. As much as I want to be in Michigan right now we don’t want to fall into the same unemployment trap that Pierre was in with ME. I am in the process of job searching and I have one that seems very promising.

Don’t worry, I’m not homeless or anything. I’m actually living with friends of mine from church. They are so generous to let me AND Riley stay with them while I find something to do in Michigan ;). Their house is AMAZING. They have so many beautiful pieces of furniture that were specifically made their home. Well, not really, but it does feel that way! It’s a perfect, cozy, comforting, beautiful, all-around awesome, house. I feel so comfortable with them and I feel so at peace. Riley might be over-staying her welcome, through, ha! She’s so hyper and wants to jump all over these poor people all day long!

Check out what they had waiting for me when I got to my room!

Not only a beautiful flower but also my FAVORITE flower…
HA! I think your cauliflower obsession goes too far when it’s a welcoming gift, no? I LOVED IT! We dug into that bad boy the next day!

1.5. While the house I’m living in is amazing, they don’t have Internet connection. I don’t mind and, actually, it’s refreshing because I don’t have to be on-line ALL the time like I use to be. My blogging will be to a minimum for a little while but I know you understand :). I am sitting at a Panera Bread right now looking out a window at the beautiful 80*F weather. The window is next to a stone fireplace! HA!

2. WORK IS INSANE. I know you know this. My work schedule keeps me indoors (in a hospital basement, just one little floor above the morgue!) most of the day and the rest of the time I spend with Riley and sleeping so getting to an Internet hot-spot isn’t very easy for me (see point 1.5)

3. I haven’t forgotten all about cooking! Yes, I’ve been slacking because I didn’t have anyone to cook for BUT now I have my VERY [insert sarcasm here] excited roomies to cook for! EEK! I know Pierre’s taste in food so it’s easy for me to whip something up for him but it’s a whole different story when you’re cooking for people who may not have the same taste in food as I do (GASP!). This is where you can see why I never put my culinary degree to use and worked as a chef. As much as I love to blog my recipes for you brave people, my heart skips a beat when one of my friends says, “I made one of your recipes last night and…”. I hold my breath until I hear the undeniable truth about to spill out. I’m a weenie, I know. Thankfully, no one has ever said “WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING?” or “YUCKKKKK”, but maybe they were sparing my feelings. I’m pretty sure if someone said that to me I’d dig a hole and stay there.

Dear friends, if you’re reading this, give me the truth, I can take it! Promise!

4. I ran out of excuses. Will you forgive me?

5. I like to make lists.

6. I can’t remember all of my workouts or lack thereof. Please excuse my mess of a work-outs page. I am still consistently losing weight (13 lbs and counting since Pierre moved to MI!) and trying to run run run. The neighborhood I live in now isn’t in the city so I’ve been running around there and it’s so pretty! There are tons of trees and things to see. Today I ran 2 miles! I haven’t been too consistent with my running so this was a big accomplishment for me. I was a happy girl!

7. Pierre is LOVING his job. This makes me happy happy happy! I am so thankful for him and his dedication to our family. I admire his work ethic and passion to do what’s right and put our family before anything else (other then God, of course).

8. We celebrated 4 years a marriage yesterday! I can’t believe it! I still remember when we chose a wedding date of May 26, 2007 how far away it seemed (we had a year-long engagement). AND now, 4 years have gone by in the blink of an eye! Well, not really.. more like 32,000,000 blinks of an eye, according to That’s a valid source, right??

Here are a couple of fun wedding shots for you. They aren’t professional but they’re fun! We actually haven’t purchased ANY wedding photos.. it’s a darn shame. Money is TIGHT, people, don’t judge!

Cake in the face! That’s how we roll.

9. I really miss Pierre. There are two songs out there right now that really speak to us.

“For The First Time” By The Script

“Our Song” by Plain White T’s

They make me cry.

10. [Insert random comment here]


4 thoughts on “Change is Good, Right?

  1. I love you Jamily!! I feel like we havent had a decent conversation in a while because all this info seems new to me…even though most isnt. I tear up when i think about how 'busy' our lives are and that we barely talk. WE need to FIX this…once a week at least of catching up! I am so proud of you and Pierre, maintaining patience and trust in God. You guys have come a long way and I am glad to hear Pierre loves his job. I hope you find a job that makes you happy too….you deserve it. I love that youre working out….i havent done that in months. IM a slacker and i blame it on my job…i mean myself! lol i shall run two miles tonight because you have motivated me. such a BEST FRIEND !!! i have so much to tell you! lets talk soon please and thank you!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxo -Ashley


  2. 32 million blinks?! really? lol Happy Anniversary! I am so glad everything is working out- you'll be in Michigan in no time. πŸ™‚ -Stephanie L.


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