Oh The Errands!

Today has been a day FULL of errands. I’m not done yet, but almost! It’s a great feeling when you can check things off your list.

  • COFFEE – check
  • Brunch – check (black bean quesadilla with cut up hamburger meat from yesterday’s cook-out!)
  • Mall to return a belt – check (I bough an extra small without looking, lol. I actually exchanged it for an awesome belt in my size and walked out of Forever 21 with a new pair of shorts and dress!)
  • Post office – check
  • Ace Hardware to return a lock – check
  • Volkswagen dealership to get my girl a check up – check (I have a friend who’s license plate reads ‘MYBETTY’ <– love it!

I’m actually sitting in the VW waiting room sucking up their free Internet. It’s a really nice dealership where Pierre and I got brand new (almost matching – I know, we’re so adorable you can’t stand it) Volkswagens a little over 3 years ago.

Speaking of Internet. I finally learned how to tether the Internet from my Smart Phone to my laptop and TA-DA! I can get on-line where I live! This is very exciting because I can Skype with Pierre again… I NEED his face in my life :).

After I leave here I’m going to go home, change and hang out with my friend. Oh, you didn’t know I had one? Well, jokes on you! I have one ;).

By the way, I forgot how much I LOVE summer. Sure it’s hot and sticky and gross but all of summer dresses and floral print this season has stolen my heart. This summer’s styles have caught my eye more then any other season. Not sure why, maybe God knew this would be a tough summer for me and decided to make pretty dresses for me! I just love the weather right now. Today’s high is 95*F and my car’s thermostat got up to 100*F! The feeling of the sun crawling on my skin to the point where it almost hurts from the burn is amazing. I think it’s my skin’s tribute to living in the Florida sun for seven years. I miss the beach, that’s for sure! I remember staying all day at the beach all summer long!

Anyway, please excuse me while I catch-up on some TV shows and enjoy one of my favorite guilty pleasures… Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee with cream & sugar… please don’t tell Starbucks. They don’t have a drive-thru and it’s HOT out, OK? Don’t judge me.
The End.


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