Life Just Happens

Hi friends! My days have been crazy lately, how about yours?

Work have been exceptionally challenging for the past week or so. I’m trying to keep my head up about it. Life just happens sometimes and you have to DEAL. The important thing is to know HOW to deal with difficult situations so that they don’t impact your life in a negative way long-term.

On a AWESOME note, I am going to Michigan tomorrow and staying through the weekend! I am so happy I will be able to see Pierre and spend some much needed quality time! He’s had a pretty crazy work schedule recently, too, with a lot of travel so I know he is looking forward to a little relaxation with his little woman ;). I think I may have convinced him to get His & Hers massages.

While in Michigan I will be able to meet his friends and thank them for the fundraiser they are putting together for us! Pierre and I are going to Haiti on a mission trip in July with our church and we are really below our target funds. Pierre told his new friends about this and they decided to organize a movie night with a small cover so that we can raise more money! I was really sad when I found out about the movie night because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it. Thankfully, it’s this Friday night and I’ll be in the front row! It’s so amazing to know that there are selfless people out there willing to show kindness to.. well… practically strangers! Our last day to raise money is June 12th. I know God will do amazing things and provide everything we need. If you’re interested in knowing more details about our trip or if you want to donate, please email me at (

Another exciting thing about this trip is that Pierre and I haven’t seen each other in 45 DAYS! The last time we saw each other was Easter weekend AND I’ve lost about 10 lbs since then :). In total I’ve lost 15 lbs since Pierre’s move to Michigan. I can’t believe that much weight just came off! I started eating smaller portions, more veggies, less sugar and fewer simple carbohydrates. Also the running has helped a lot and the fact that I am on my feet a lot and sprinting through a hospital (sometimes) for work. I’m not at my goal weight just yet but now it seems so much more attainable whereas before the thought of losing 15 lbs was impossible.

I’m off to get ready for work and finish a little packing before tomorrow. I have to work tonight and tomorrow so I’m taking the red-eye to MI tomorrow night. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I’m excited to see this face and actually kiss it!
Don’t mind my creepy face…


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