Press Play

For the last 9 months, my life has felt like it’s been on pause. It all started with Pierre’s unemployment and it’s evolved into a life of hurry up and wait. I am happy to say that it’s all about to take a turn for the best and I can finally press the play button 🙂

My last day of work was Thursday and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to know that I never have to go back to that place again. In a weird way it was like I had reached a milestone, check it off the list!

Pierre is driving home in 6 DAYS! And we leave for Haiti in 8! The fundraiser in Michigan was so wonderful, thanks to those wonderful friends and some AMAZING anonymous donations, Pierre and I only had to pitch in a minimal amount of money to round off our funds! We’re flying out to Haiti on July 3rd and we get back to the states on July 11th… practically the 12th, we fly in at 11:55pm! I can’t wait to experience what God has planned for us while we are there.

When we get back from Haiti we are packing up the cars and hitting the road! It’s very sad for me to think that I only have about a week left here in Maryland with my friends. It doesn’t feel real. But, I am ready to move forward with my life, take chances and embrace change. Most of all, I’m ready to be with my husband again!

Running has been consistently inconsistent ;-). I run about two or three times a week any where between one and three miles. I’ve been really slacking on updating the exercise portion of the blog, sorry! I hope that once I get to Michigan and set down a routine I can be more consistent on there!

So for now, we’ll say see you later. I probably won’t have another chance to update the blog before I leave for Haiti and then a few days after I get to Michigan and settle in. Here’s to moving forward and pressing play!

p.s. Thank you Pierre for uploading this post for me!


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