Do You Froyo?

Frozen yogurt, or Froyo, is the new thing. Frozen yogurt shops have been popping up everywhere lately! I have to say yes to this questions, I LOVE it. I love all the different combinations and toppings! I also think its brilliant that you pay by weight (at most locations) so you know what you’re getting yourself into before paying. And you can kind of gauge your spending if you’re on a budget.

Speaking of dessert, Pierre and I went to have brunch at a restaurant in Annapolis the day before we left for Haiti called Chick & Ruth’s. It was on Man vs Food! They have great food and they feature a few different challenges. While we were there some of the tables around us ordered the 6 LB milkshake. I repeat, 6 POUND MILKSHAKE. My stomach hurts just thinking about it!

One of our friends got the Cheese Steak Omelet. It’s doesn’t look huge, but it was! The plate could have been a tray!

My salad was great, and again, HUGE.

Turkey monster sandwich, anyone?

Pierre LOVES waffles, and butter..

Here it is! The six-pounder! I’m still in shock a little.

If you guys live near Annapolis or visit sometime, you have to go to this place. It’s super tiny inside, cozy, fun and delicious!


2 thoughts on “Do You Froyo?

  1. I like the new site 🙂 WordPress is definitely better! (and this is Katie I changed the name of my blog) And I love fro-yo too! My dad and I got some Sunday night, its definitely my new fav. What chain is near you?


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