Roast – A Michael Symon Restaurant

Pierre and I went out to celebrate some exciting news we received recently. Now that we’re living in Michigan I want to take full advantage of the cities and things to do in the surrounding area. I tool Baltimore for granted too many times and was not adventurous enough. Not anymore! Pierre heard that Michael Symon had a restaurant in Detroit and he heard right! Roast was fun, delicious and had a wonderful atmosphere.

We weren’t shy and decided to try a few things we’ve never imagined ourselves eating. One of the things I love about great chefs is that they aren’t afraid to put certain things on the menu because of the way it may sound. They know it’s not something served in the average home for dinner, but they stand by their recipes and they know it’s delicous.

As an appetizer we decided on the Roasted Marrow:

This sounds strange, yes. But it was absolutely delicious! The marrow was topped with a parsley & caper spread and there were lemon wedges nearby to add a little acidity. If you’ve never tried marrow it’s very much like spreading butter on toast. Very soft and it has a smooth and deep flavor.

We also opted for the Beef Cheep Pierogies:

These were amazing! I’d heard that beef cheek is suppose to to be very tender and succulent… I heard right! It was accompanied by a horseradish cream sauce and sauteed mushrooms. I’m pretty sure I tasted a little red wine in there somewhere. The pierogie itself was thick and buttery. Excellent dish!

We then opted for something light and broke up our meal with his & hers Heirloom Tomato Salads:

These salads had lovely heirloom tomatoes, cucumber and peppers all dressed in REAL feta cheese, red onion and a mint & dill dressing. The feta was creamy and had a deep flavor, definitely a characteristic of great cheese. I am normally not a fan of dill but this vinaigrette was so clean and fresh, it totally hit the spot after the rich appetizers.

On to the main course! By this point, Pierre and I were close to being full, but we pushed through it! Pierre wanted the ribeye, something I had my eye on, too. I tried, REALLY, I tried to want something else on the menu but I failed. I wanted that ribeye, too. I was calling my name, I am so glad I listened! Be nice to your eyes and scroll down:

These babies were the real deal! 16oz of amazing, handpicked and in-house aged beef. No, we definitely did NOT eat the entire steaks. I am happy to announce that we will be feasting on these, round 2, for dinner tonight :). They were tender and buttery and cooked exactly how we like our steak. The tops were decorated with grilled red onion (YUM) and deep vein blue cheese (YUMMM). This blue cheese meant business. It was sweet and bitter at the same time, if you are a blue cheese lover you MUST try this dish!

We also got a few sides.. you know, now that I’m typing this, I realize we ordered more food then we ate in Haiti, collectively! These sides totally hit the spot:

FRIED, yes, FRIED Bussel Sprouts! This is a GENIUS idea! They were not greasy at all and still held on their delicious flavor. I am a long-time sprouts lover but if you aren’t, this dish will surly change your mind.

We also had Rosemary Fries with Roasted Tomato Ketchup:

The fries were delicate and not overwhelming at all. Sometimes too much rosemary can be, well, too much. There was the just the right amount. The ketchup was outstanding! They spiced it with a little cinnamon and cardamom.

Lastly, yes it we kept eating… dessert! Pierre had the Beer & Pretzels and I chose the sorbet of the day, peach:

Beer & Pretzels was AMAZING! It’s Guinness ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels and finished off with a caramel foam, which was more like a caramel whipped cream. I was seriously like drinking a Guinness, it was so delicious, and it was layered so you had more pretzels and caramel foam to enjoy halfway down. My sorbet was great, it was sweet and finished off my heavy meal on a light note. BUT I secretly wished Pierre didn’t like his dessert so I could steal it. That didn’t happen but I did snag a couple of spoonfuls. YUM!

This was such a fun night out! Not only want the food outstanding but the service was impeccable. My water glass never reached a half-full point, it was always full. Our waiter, Keith, was very knowledgeable of the menu and kind. He said he would check out the blog to see what I thought of the restaurant.

Hi, Keith! If you want to share the vinagrette recipe with me, I don’t object!

We were seated right in front of the kitchen, my favorite spot! Specially if you have views like these:A little pig roasting! The idea behind this restaurant is to have a ‘beast’ roasting and the specials for the evening are themed around the beast of choice. It received many “ohh’s” & “ahh’s” from all our neighboring tables.

We also had a clear view of the grill:

I have more photos of the grill but there was a lot of sun coming in the windows so there was a bit of a glare. Anyway, the grill is on those spools or wheels you see to on either side. It is a wood burning grill and the chef would periodically crank the wheels and LIFE the grill to move the wood around. It was so cool! I’ve never seen a grill like this before.

It was really cool. Also, there was this large wooden table in the center of the dining room that housed great decor along with decanters. It was simple but so beautiful:

And I loved the LEROUX bread basket, adorable!

The evening was a complete success and I am so glad we went. We will definitely be back! I can’t wait until my sister and mom come visit so we can take them there! You hear that, mom? I will feed you! Come visit me!

Seriously, though, if you ever have the opportunity to visit Detroit, I highly recommend Roast, Michael Symon knows his stuff.

Oh, and the exciting news? You’ll have to wait for that one ;).


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