Special Delivery: 2012

My big secret made a debut on my personal Facebook page yesterday. I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to post. I’m a terrible liar and I was SURE I would make some kind of post related to my secret. This is a food-based blog, after all :).

Many of you already guessed my secret! So, I guess there’s nothing left to do but to just type it. Are you ready? WELL… Pierre and I are having a baby! Yup, right now, as I type this, there is a living being GROWING inside of me. Weird, huh? Yes, weird, but totally amazing and just plain cool! I’ve been itching to tell the world our secret for WEEKS. Yes, weeks! But Pierre was trying to be all safe or whatever and wouldn’t let me spill the beans until we went to the doctor. I guess I can see his reasoning considering all of the things this baby has been through already… in utero. “What do you mean?”, you might ask.. well, let me fill you in another big secret.

Baby 10wks 5d

Pierre and I found out we were pregnant the day BEFORE we left for Haiti! How crazy is that? One day your standing in front of your church with the mission team while the pastor prays that God use our lives however He sees fit, even if that means giving our LIVES for him. The next, you’re not just thinking about your life, now there’s a second life forming that you have to put first. It was nothing less then terrifying. Here’s how it went down.

We wrote this in the sand in Haiti

The week before we left I wanted to sleep all day and all night. No amount of sleep was enough! Not only that but I was so HOT. I would stand in front of a fan wearing very little (I’m sorry) and just pray that it would cool me down and nothing. The day Pierre was driving from Michigan to Maryland (we were flying out of Baltimore for Haiti) we got into a fight on the phone. To this day I know I was NOT overreacting even though I have no clue what we were arguing about. Then, as if he knows everything or whatever, he says, “Are you pregnant? You’re acting weird.”. I lost it. NO! Of course I wasn’t pregnant! Doesn’t he realize that we’ve been living apart for 2 months! AND excuse me, but, I think I would KNOW if I was pregnant. SHEESH! But then he eagerly reminded me that yes, we’ve been living apart but did I already forget my trip to Michigan in June? Man, that was a hard hit. Not to mention that ever since Pierre and I got married, any little ailment I go through his response is always, ‘You’re pregnant”, which drives me NUTS. He’s kidding of course but, still! Anyway, after crying on the phone and reaching a ridiculous point of annoyance, I got off the phone because I was on my way out the door to say goodbye to one of my dear friends. We were moving away from everyone we knew, as if that’s the best time of have a baby! HA! Just before I got off the phone he gently said, “Can you please just buy a test, it’s better to be safe before we leave.”. He’s always been the logical one in the relationship.

I went about my business and had a great visit with  my friend, saying goodbye and snuggling with her 2-month-old baby boy. I made a pit-stop at a drug store on the way home and got the test. On a side note, why do people assume that because you look young you can’t possible be married in a loving and committed relationship? The main reason I dread buying pregnancy tests is because of all the eyes on me. Anyway, I put that behind me and just bought the dang test, it was a waste of money anyway.

I got home and I called Pierre, he was about an hour and a half away, it was somewhere between 10:30pm and 11:00pm. Our conversation was light he slipped in a simple, “Did you take it yet?”. I was hoping he would have forgotten by then. I said no and that I would eventually take it. He wasn’t having it, he wanted me to take it right away. We got off the phone and I took the test. I waited a minute or two and there was one line. SEE?? I TOLD you! I left the test on the counter and walked away to put on my pajamas. I went back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and had an out of body experience. TWO LINES? Surely someone came into my room and switched my negative test with the test of a pregnant lady, right??? A little panic set in and I picked up the phone. He answered and all I could say is “So, you’re going to be a dad because I’m pregnant!” Romantic, no? He said, “WHAT? REALLY? Are you OK?” to which I responded, “NO! WHAT? I mean, WHAT? I’m freaking out!”. Now that I think back to that night I laugh, it was kind of funny :).

I called my sister and told her and let a few tears fall. She was BEYOND thrilled and she started crying, too. Then Pierre called me with his parents on conference call. We chatted for about an hour and they were very supportive and excited. I called my mom and she lost it, too. Stopping short of jumping up and down. She happened to be at a convention in Miami where my ENTIRE family was attending (except my siblings) AND family friends that have known me since I was 5 years old. I told her, just as we told the rest of our family, don’t tell anyone. I was taking a lot of medication for Haiti and had received several vaccines, too. Just to be safe, we’ll go to the doctor when we get back from Haiti and get the OK, then we can shout it from the rooftops. Do you think she listened? Nope. It spread like wild fire through the convention room.

Anyway, we left for Haiti after my father-in-law told us to reconsider for many reasons, many times. I’m not going to lie, we thought about it. But then I remembered who my God is. He is the God of grace and love and miracles. He blessed us beyond belief and we had the opportunity to bless the people of Haiti and share one heck of a story.

We told our team just in case I needed to sit out from certain activities, they were PUMPED! The whole trip they were super supportive and comforting. The heat was very difficult to deal with on top of being fatigued all morning. The last 4 days there I was a regular bathroom visitor at 8am sharp. But now I’m happy to say that my little baby is a missionary ;). He (we think it’s a he) endured rocky roads, boat rides, extreme heat and humidity, CRAZY bus/truck rides and all kinds of foods. He’s a darn trooper.

Once we came back to the states the morning sickness eased a lot. I’m not sick every day and I don’t have to run to the bathroom nearly as much as I did in Haiti. I’ve been feeling great for the most part and had to buy maternity pants at the beginning of week 10! I was showing by week 6, it was doosy trying to hide it from our friends here in Michigan. Big shirts were my best friends. We had our first doctors appointment yesterday and it was amazing. The heartbeat, the little image on the screen, it was the coolest experience! Pierre was there, right next to me, soaking it all in. We were both completely speechless as we watched our little baby on the screen, he had the hiccups and then did a headstand! Cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Our doctor was AWESOME. She was just as excited as we were. She kept saying things like, “Look at how cute!”, “Look at the little chin!”, “How cool is that?”. I love that she loves her job, it makes the experience so much better.

Anyways, crazy long post, huh? These are details I’ve been dying to share with you for weeks! Now I can be completely honest about my eating habits and crazy cravings :). I’ll leave you with a few photos of my plump tummy!

10 weeks, the day I bought materiny pants 🙂

Now it’s time for second breakfast! What, you’ve never heard of  that? Trust me, everyone should know about second breakfast.


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