Maple Sterusel Pumpkin Bread

I’m sorry if you don’t like pumpkin. Not because I post mostly pumpkin recipes. I’m sorry because you are seriously missing out. I’m obsessed. Half of the pumpkin recipes don’t even make it on here because I’m lazy I’m so busy these days.. yeah, that’s it.

Did you know that Pierre travels for work? Well, occasionally he travels out-of-state for a few days. When he’s gone I get SO BORED. Seriously. When he’s here we at least do nothing together but when he’s gone I have to do nothing all alone and it’s killer.

So, I bake. Foodgawker is my drug of choice. I need someone to tie my hands together. But the more I think about it, the more I want to bake. It’s a beautiful and delicious vicious cycle.

This week I vowed to try and not bake on my personal Facebook page (which ended up in 76 comment post about organizing a cookie swap for tomorrow night. no lie). You should have seen me last night. I was a like a crack addict that would do anything for, well, crack. I was wringing my hands, I had the sweats, I needed to bake something.

Then it hit me like a pile of bricks. I saw this recipe on Lindsey’s blog, Hot Polka Dot and I H-A-D to make it. So I did. Hate me or love me, I’m not sorry.

But I had a mini panic attack when I realized I had no eggs and no pecans. I can live without the pecans. I took a deep breath and scoured the internet for a proper egg substitute. Did you know that most fruit purees can sub for eggs in a recipe*? AND this recipe already has pumpkin puree so I just added an extra 1/4 cup! CRISIS AVERTED! Also, I used the last of my sugar by the time I got to the streusel topping so I used brown sugar.


The whole recipe was a huge success. Please make this and serve it with a cup of coffee on the side!

*Make sure before you choose a proper egg substitute you see what the egg is actually used for. For example, if it’s for leavening then a fruit puree will not work.


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