Oh, The Stories You’ll Tell!

Well, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. The last weeks of my pregnancy were not super fun and I hardly had energy to cook, let alone create new recipes. But on the plus side – SHE’S HERE! Our little baby is finally here. She was born 100% healthy and stunningly beautiful. Here’s the story…

I had the most wonderful pregnancy a girl could ask for. It was completely textbook and just what you would expect from pregnancy. I had cravings and back aches, leg cramps and hormone surges. My doctor even dubbed me her ‘boring’ case because I never had issues or problems arise where I needed to call her. She called me boring, I called it a blessing. And then it happened. Somewhere around 30 weeks I just about had it. I was short of begging my body to stop getting bigger, the occasional back aches turned into a constant pain. Sleep was a luxury and I might as well have moved into the bathroom.

Then 34 weeks rolled around. Braxton Hicks contractions like you would not believe. All day long sometimes. Some super painful, others I barely noticed. The baby books said that our baby was about to start outgrowing her space and her movements would slow down. Negative. My baby moved a ton up until delivery.

Then I was somewhere around the 37 weeks mark – hey, full term! I almost begged my doctor to induce me but of course she said no way. Something about wanting my body to experience full labor? I don’t remember because I was so upset she said no to begin with. OK, not really, but you catch my drift.

Anyway, my mom flew in from Florida just before my due date. Great! Now I can go into labor! Well, our child had another thing in mind. I tried everything. I mean, EVERYTHING people tell you that will bring on labor. NOTHING WORKED. If you’re thinking “Oh, she probably didn’t try (insert your favorite wives tale here)” Uhm.. you’re wrong. I DID TRY IT!

My mom and I kept busy, though. She reorganized and deep cleaned my entire house. She cooked every meal, she massaged my ridiculously swollen feet and legs ever night. We went shopping. We walked. We cleaned some more and nothing. My due date came and then went, all the while still having painful BH contractions. At my 40 week appointment my doctor scheduled me for an induction – something I did not want, not really. As much as I wanted to not be pregnant, I also didn’t want any complications to arise that sometimes are associated with inductions. My mom helped me stop being such a control freak and let God take care of me, the baby and the delivery.

EVENTUALLY my induction date rolled around. Yep – I was 41 weeks pregnant. That’s a whole 7 days overdue. Oh boy was I irritable. And fat. And swollen. And hungry.

The hospital I was delivering at makes you come in at night to be induced. Totally lame if you ask me. So not only was my induction date upon us but I also had the pleasure of waiting until 4-6 pm to hear from a nurse to confirm my ETA for the hospital. 7:30pm. My brain was all over the place that day.

I decided to lay down for a nap around 4pm to get some rest before heading to the hospital. My phone rang at 4:06pm – it was the hospital confirming my induction for that evening. I thanked the nice lady and hung up the phone as I had the most wicked contraction (or so I thought) and felt a very noticeable ‘POP’. My water broke! FINALLY!

In all my giddiness I managed to shower, eat dinner, and make sure I had everything packed. We made it to the hospital around 8pm, get checked in, taken to our beautiful room and then we just wait.

Waiting was horrible. My contractions were KILLER but they weren’t getting any closer. One after another all night long. 9am rolls around and my contractions aren’t getting any closer. The doctor asks me if I’m open to Pitocin to speed things along. Uhm yes, please! It kicked in about 10 minutes after it was administered and my contractions got even more intense, like I thought that was possible! After seeing the pain I was in, my mom and Pierre were begging me to get an epidural. I was seriously more scared about the epidural then labor. I wanted to hang on as long as possible without an epi if possible. It had been 19 hours since my water broke so I decided to get checked.. only 4 cm. UGH. That was the deciding factor for the epi – I was so sleepy and in so much pain that I decided to brave the needle. Once the epi was in I was in heaven! I got to sleep! In the 4 hours that followed I progressed all the way to 9 1/2cm! They left me to work on the last 1/2 cm.

That’s when the fun really began. My nurse walks into my room and says, “guess what?” I’m thinking , oh, time to push! WRONG. “There’s a tornado watch and we have to evacuate you to the hallway!”


SO out to the hallway we went! Oh, and did I mention my epi started to ware off at this point? So here I am, 10 cm and laboring in the hallway of the maternity ward. All the other moms on the floor had their babies already so I was the only one in labor at that point. I don’t remember much about being in the hallway expect that I was super hot and my contractions were really close together. Through all of this my nurse was awesome and just told me to let her know if I felt the urge to push. It as about 5:15pm and the tornado watch was in effect until 6:30pm but kept getting pushed back. Around 5:50 pm I told my nurse I needed to push.

It was between an OR or a triage room (no windows) and the small triage room won. My nurse told me that since it was my first baby I probably would be pushing for a while so I’d deliver her in my room, by the time the tornado watch was lifted. She was wrong! After I get all hooked up – I started pushing at 6:00pm and Eva Sofia was born at 7:32pm in the triage room :). She didn’t cry right away but when she did it was only for a minute. She stopped crying when they put her on my chest and it was amazing. 7lbs 10.4oz and 20 1/4 in – just perfect.

with daddy ❤

I later found out that the on-call doctor who was going to deliver her didn’t get there until 7:15 pm because of the tornado and road closures! I’m glad no one told me while I was pushing that the dr wasn’t answering his pages ;).

It was an unbelievable experience. Pierre and my mom helped me through the entire birth and I loved having them there. You want to know something funny? I use to thing that contractions and delivery weren’t as painful as we say it is. I use to think that because it was something guys would never experience, we could all band together and claim it’s agony just because we could. UHM.. I was wrong. It really IS that painful! I was shocked, really.

Hours old!

going home

I had a such a wonderful delivery (no stitches!) that it hasn’t scarred me away from having more children. Pierre is completely smitten and totally in love with Eva. She’s such a wonderful baby and I wouldn’t change anything about our experience at the hospital or our new found parenthood. She’s 12 weeks today! I can’t believe how quickly it went by. I’m definitely enjoying every day of being home with her and I hope that I can continue to be for a while.

12 weeks already!!

Did I mention that she is the master of funny faces??

Eva Sofia Funny Faces Fuller.


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