Having a baby changes your world. Did you know that? I’ve just decided to give in and roll with each day as it comes.

ImageEva is a wonderful baby and I love that she craves my attention. Of course, this means that I don’t have as much time to cook. It’s okay, though, I’d take playing with her over cooking any day. Did I just say that? See? Changes your world!

ImageShe started eating solids two weeks ago and it’s going well! I didn’t really think of starting her on solids until she was 6 months but she was ready. Her milk-only diet wasn’t keeping her very full (and I don’t blame her!) any more and she needed a little extra somthin’ somethin’. At her 4 month check-up the doctor said she could start solids so I figured, why not?


Checking out her new kicks.

She LOVES banana and carrots and she’s starting to enjoy sweet potatoes. Although, she didn’t like sweet potatoes at first. She doesn’t like beets or white potatoes, either! Asparagus is next!

She’s teething which is super fun. NOT. Poor thing is cranky but that’s to be expected. I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks ago (another reason I haven’t cooked/eaten anything new) and I can vouch for her crankiness. The pain of those suckers pushing through is horrible!


Hello, chipmunk cheeks. p.s. we are made for each other!

A HUGE success is that she now sleeps through the night in her crib! I will put her down at 7:30pm and she will sleep until 4am or 5am, nurse, and go back to sleep until 6am or 7am! I love her! For the first 4 months of her life she has slept with me in my bed which meant I didn’t sleep for 4 months. But that’s all changed now :).


Before the switch!

We went to Florida for vacation in the beginning of July. It was great to introduce Eva to my family there. She also got tons of cousin time with my niece Jolie!


girl talk ❤


Oh, how I love her. And yes, she’s still making funny faces.


Early morning flash


Clearly amused.



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