Apple Streusel Pancakes

Let me start by saying whoa.

I actually turned to Pierre, “I’m sorry, I can’t concentrate on what you are saying because this is so good.”  He wasn’t too thrilled. He better get use to it if he’s going to make us awesome dinners like this one!

man. of. my. dreams.

Yes, you read that correctly. Pierre MADE DINNER. Well, brinner. You know, breakfast for dinner? I used to not like breakfast foods very much and in true ‘man fashion’, Pierre loves it. He has slowly been changing my mind. He suggested brinner a few nights ago and I was super excited. I remembered these coffee cake pancakes I saw on Pinterest and decided to give them a go.

But we didn’t stop there. Pierre suggested adding apples. See? A total foodie.

I would make these every single day it I could. They were a little time consuming but totally worth it!!

Something else amazing happened. We cooked together. I KNOW. It was awesome! We didn’t get in each others way and no one (me) got asked to leave the kitchen. But someone (me) did mess up the streusel recipe just a little. Nothing that Pierre couldn’t fix. It was perfect. At one point Pierre turned to me and he said, “Are you happy right now?” to which I responded, “YES! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM! I’M TRYING TO CONTAIN MYSELF!!”

I speak in caps lock when I’m happy. Or maybe that was the wine talking.

For the apples
1 Gala apple
1 lime, juiced
1 tsp cinnamon

Peel and thinly slice one apple. Toss in a bowl with cinnamon and lime juice. Cook on medium heat with a little butter until cooked halfway through.

The delicious streusel.

Make a gigantic pancake and add the apple and streusel.

Or you can make a reasonably sized pancake. We are not reasonable.

Flip the pancake over when the edges fluff up!

Top with more apples, streusel, butter and syrup.

hello, gorgeous.

This tasted like apple pie! Can’t wait to make it again :).


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