Biscoff Stuffed Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These are insane.

Not only are you eating two cookies at the same time, but there’s a healthy dollop of Biscoff cookie spread in the center.

Please, please, please tell me you have had a Biscoff cookie before. They are so delicious. You can actually taste the butter. For the longest time I thought you could only have them if you were flying Delta. Which was great because you fly, you have one, remember how amazing they are, and then forget about them a day after your flight. Not so dangerous when they serve, I’ll say it, possibly one of the best cookies every invented. But NOOOO, the geniuses at Lotus Bakeries had to make them readily available for everyone. Yep, they are right in your grocery store. And if that wasn’t enough, they had to go and make a cookie SPREAD. It’s like, cookies mashed up in a jar. YUM. Way to go, Biscoff. There’s no way I’ll be a size 2 now.

I found this recipe over on Jenny’s blog a little while ago and convinced my eyes and brain I had not just seen these cookies. But this just goes to show you when when a good recipe want to be made, nothing will stop it.

I swapped out the white chocolate chips for dark chocolate chunks because that’s what I had on hand. And because I find white chocolate to be a waste on perfectly good calories. With chocolate, the darker the better! I also cut the recipe in half because having 24 of these cookies laying around the house is dangerous.

The perfect cheerleader.


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