Photo Friday

It’s Friday!

1. I am a coffee addict. Like, for real. I worked at Starbucks for a while and created a habit. So sue me. After Eva was born I was trying to be the perfect mom and not drink caffeine. Well, we know there are no perfect moms out there so I caved and it was glorious. Well, her tummy didn’t handle it so well and I had to give it up again shortly after starting. I tried it again when she was a little older and she handled it like a champ! I have a standing date with this little buddy every morning. I was feeling overly grateful to Starbucks yesterday.

2. Our arepas last week were amazing! I just tossed some leftover chicken in a pot with canned tomato sauce and my favorite spice trio. I let the whole thing simmer for about an hour and TA-DA!

3. My child wants to give me a heart attack and crawl sooner than later. WHY? She’s growing up so fast! She’s just starting to be able to prop herself up on her hands and knees and scoot – it’s adorable.

4. Someone is a little attention hungry. Riley is photo-bombing like a champ these days.

5. Guess who’s 5 months? She loved the sticker and wanted to eat it, naturally. Does it bother anyone else that the ‘5’ looks just like an upside-down ‘2’? It’s like the company that makes these tags didn’t want to make an extra graphic. Really?

6. Leftover Mongolian Beef from the best Chinese place I’ve ever experienced in my life. I love food.

I hope you cook something beautiful this weekend!


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