Photo Friday [Via Instagram]

Happy Friday!! Doesn’t it feel good to know you’ve made it through another week?

1. Pierre, Eva and I are headed to Florida for Labor Day weekend and I couldn’t be happier. Like, seriously. Other than getting to see our families, watching Eva with her cousin, Jolie, makes my heart swell.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C, D, E, & F

2. Pierre surprised me with a new watch this week. I LOVE it! He is with watches like I am with purses, we can do some damage while shopping. I think the best kind of gifts Pierre gives me are the ones that starts with him showing me something on the computer followed by “Do you like this?” “Good, it’s yours”. He’s a keeper.

3. Solids are going well! This girl loves: bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, pears, mango, green beans, peach, prune, carrot, apple and squash! Success!

4. I went to lunch with a friend last week to an Indian restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for MONTHS. During lunch they have a buffet and it was so delicious! I’m definitely breaking Pierre out of work to take him there soon.

5. I debated whether or not to share this with you. My guilty pleasure is watching Pretty Little Liars. I know, I’m ashamed. Am I a grown up? I hope they cancel the show before Eva realizes her mom is so lame. Anyway, this week was the summer finale. I literally gasped LOUD and slapped Pierre’s arm so hard (maybe?) at the ending. It wasn’t his fault the writers of this show are crazy, he was just minding his own business. Poor guy. Anyway, this my favorite late-night snack these days. MMM. I couldn’t stop eating chocolate during the whole episode because it was either that or eat my fingers. Yes, those were the only two options.

Enjoy the long weekend!!


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