Photo Friday

I missed you guys yesterday! I actually had a recipe for you but then decided I was too tired to type it up. I know, I’m terrible.

1. I think watermelon is great. Really, I do. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy one and cut it up. I bought one this week to let Eva try it. Well, surprise surprise, she hated it. What? Who’s kid is this? Both of her parents have major sweet tooth syndrome and she doesn’t? Oy. Anyway, this was a very pretty melon and I fell in love with it’s swirlies.

2. My husband knows me well. So well that I was almost gaga over this knife. All the knives I own he as gifted me. He loves to buy me presents and I let him. It’s a win win really. I was so excited to make my first cut with it – it was by far one of the highlights of my week. Too bad it almost took off my entire nail yesterday, OK well, part of my nail. But no blood! Just goes to show you how precise and sharp it is. You wanna know what’s weird? 2 years of culinary school and no cuts whatsoever but real life is another story. My finger hurts.

3. Fall means leg warmers. Yay.

4. My little baby girl is 6 months old. Excuse me while I go cry.

5. We had brinner again a few nights ago. It was delicious. This is Pierre’s plate : two eggs over-easy, two raspberry pancakes, potatoe and kale hash AND bacon. Phew. It was awesome.

6. Someone please buy me this.


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