Garlic Buffalo Wings

It’s Monday night and you know what that means! Football! This recipe is delicious and it’s not fried so you don’t have to feel guilty. At. All.

OK, confession time. I hated the idea of football. Like, could not staaand it. In my defense, I never had anyone teach me the rules or any family that watched it while I was around. My brother played baseball up until high school so we spent many summers at the park. I like baseball, it’s fun! Pierre thinks it’s lame.

You see, when it came to football, I always had this picture in my head of men in tacky jerseys screaming at the TV and ignoring their wives while drinking beer and eating chili. But guess what? I doesn’t have to be like that! Yes! You can watch a football game WITH your man and actually enjoy it! I finally caved last season and decided to ask questions whenever Pierre was watching a game.

I eventually came around and I’m starting to really love it. It’s amazing how fun it is when you understand what’s happening on the field. Just to clarify, Pierre is not at all like the person I described above. He actually gave up on watching football for the first 3 years of our marriage because I hated it so much. Now that’s love! He says he gave it up because of me but I secretly think it’s because our his team (the Dolphins) is not that great.

We do yell at the TV from time to time, we do drink beer and we do NOT ignore each other. AND we eat great food while watching, too. Count me in!

Garlic Buffalo Wings
Makes 20 wings

20 chicken wing pieces
Salt & pepper
Olive oil or cooking spray

Buffalo Sauce
Makes approx. 1 cup

1 cup hot wing sauce, I used Franks Red Hot
2 tbps butter
2 large garlic cloves, grated

Preheat the oven to 425ºF. Toss the wings in a light drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. Arrange on a baking sheet and roast until browned, about 35 – 45 minutes.

While the wings are baking, add the butter, hot sauce and garlic to a small sauce pan and heat through until the butter is melted and the garlic is fragrant, about 5 – 8 minutes.

Add the wings to a large bowl and spoon 3 -4 tbsp of the prepared buffalo sauce over the hot wings. Toss with a spoon until all the wings are coated.

Rearrange the wings on the baking sheet and broil for 3 -5 minutes or until the wings to your desired crispiness! Serve with the remaining sauce.


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