Photo Friday

FRIDAY! You’re here! I’m so happy. I can say that now since I’m back to being a working woman. Did you know that I started working? It’s part-time and I pretty much just play with Eva the whole time and watch movies. I work 12 hours a week at my gym daycare center. I get to watch adorable little ones and play the whole time. Did I mention that I can play with my own kid and get paid for it? AND watch movies. The fun part is that most of the kids are regulars and know who and what they want to play with. I just watch them go. I’m so blessed to have found this job! I was just going a little crazy at home all day every day. I know Eva was getting bored at home, too, and this way she gets to socialize and meet kids. We even play with a little girl that was born the day before Eva! So cute :).

1. While at said job one of my regulars wore this. Please look closely. A skeleton pajama set, princess knee pads and Spider-Man shoes. Oh, and don’t forget the knit pull-over hoodie. And of course no pajama set like this would be complete without a tie.

2. I feel like my family and I are at war. Not the bad kind, but a war none the less. You see, most of my family lives in Florida so I send them photos of Eva constantly. I selfishly want them to miss her so much that they have to move to the Midwest. Uhm, that’s not happening ever. So anyway, I send them an amazing photo of Eva and they are totally gaga over her. Here’s where the war comes in…

They retaliate! Most of the time they send me an adorable photo of my niece, Jolie, but this time my brother sent me a photo of my family hanging out and I waved my white flag. They win. I miss Florida and my family so so much.

My brother, cousin, niece, sister and mom

3. I have literally tried to photograph these cookies for you FOUR TIMES! They are the best cookies I’ve ever had. Every time I make them with the mentality to take photos of them, I end up having zero self-control and we eat all of them before I’ve realized what has happened. Ugh. I guess I will just have to try AGAIN.

4. Normally, I steer clear of  of pork. But more on that next week. For our arepas last week I switched it up and cooked some pork shoulder in the slow cooker. I normally make beef for Arepa Day but pork was on sale so I went with it. So glad I did because it was delicious. I just followed my shredded beef recipe. MMMMM.


Make something delicious for someone you love this weekend!


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