Photo Friday

Hi, Friday, it’s nice to see you again!

1. I have a recipe coming your way next week using these beautiful ingredients. Can we just take a moment a give thanks for beautiful and delicious ingredients? I just love it. The farmer’s market is one of my very favorite places on earth.

2. I admit it. I have a teeny tiny bit of OCD. This kicks in when I eat ice cream. I have a system, OK, I don’t need anyone messing with the system! (I speak in Friends quotes all day long). Anyway, my system leaves the top of my ice cream nice and smooth after every bite. WELL, I was being nice and sharing my ice cream with Pierre and he TOOK A CHUNK OUT. I cried a little.

3. Eva is getting so darn big! She got to experience the grocery store a new way this week. It was great! She was super into her cart cover (thanks mom!) and of course I didn’t mind getting all the compliments from people :).

4. I made pumpkin syrup again! I love this stuff, just pour into a mug of coffee and you’re good to go.

5. And we’re back to #1. Love this.

6. This recipe was a mistake. It was not meant to be as amazing as it was. Don’t worry, I’ll share next week. I can’t keep something so amazing all to myself.

7. Eva and I busted Pierre out of work and took him to lunch yesterday. We went to a Korean place we’ve been wanting to try for a while. I was delicious!

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you make something delicious for someone you love.


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