Photo Friday

FRIDAY! HI! Nice to see you :). Let’s just get the photos of Eva out of the way, shall we?

1. At Target last weekend Eva found a new toy: a cupcake rattle. She saw it from far away, her eyes lit up, she reached for it and said “OOHHH”. OK none of that is true. The truth is that I saw it from far a way, my eyes lit up and reached for it while squealing. I then proceeded to shove it 2 inches from Eva’s face and shake it until she wanted to play. The good thing is that she quickly formed an attachment and now she loves it as much as if she would have picked it out all on her own :).

2. Is there anything cuter than a baby dressed as a baby animal? Hello, baby owl. You’re adorable. Please notice her BFF cupcake.

3. AND here’s a real cupcake! How cute is that? One of the moms at my work brought it in for me. It was delicious and I even shared it with Pierre. But not before I gave all three eyes to one of the kids I watch. He was so excited I couldn’t resist, but I did ask his mom first before sugaring him up. That’s his wonderful artwork in the back.

4. My dog totally thinks she’s human. What’s up with that? She looks so comfy that every time I see this photo I want to take a nap.

5. I had a spa day yesterday. It was so glorious. Pierre loves to pamper me with Groupons which I love. I had a facial for the first time and I think I might be addicted. Anyway, the spa was across the street from a Trader Joe’s. I hadn’t been to TJ’s in a long time so I stopped in. I left with mostly chocolate.

I hope you have an amazing weekend! Cook something delicious :).


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