I’m sure you’ve noticed a few changes with my recipes. No meat in sight! To make a long story short, Pierre and I watched Vegucated and I am a vegetarian. It’s been a long time coming for me but it really took me by surprise when Pierre said “I could go without meat” because he’s always been pretty adamant about not giving it up. He’s trying it out and doing really well with it!

I’m not really sure what the long-term of this diet change means for us but I do know that I want to take control of what we eat. I don’t want to preach to anyone about becoming a vegetarian, I just believe that everyone should know what they are eating and where it’s coming from.

We really haven’t missed it too much since we kicked meat to curb and some days I eat completely vegan. I’m just taking it one day at a time and listening to my body. I feel great and I’m actually losing weight. I don’t get that ‘too full’ feeling after I eat, finally!

You might still see a few non-vegetarian recipes around here every now and then if Pierre requests everything specific. And of course I will give you tips on how to incorporate meat into any recipe I make! Here’s to veggies!


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