Photo Friday

Today is a just a quick post before we head out. Pierre, Eva and I are all packed up to go visit our family and friends in Baltimore! We are so excited, we’ve really missed them. I’ve been begging to go for a visit since Pierre got to go to Baltimore without me for a work trip a month ago. I can’t wait!

1. Pierre bought me this shirt a few weeks ago and I can’t think of anything that defines me better during this time of the year. Hello, this is me.

2.  Apparently, Eva likes baskets. She got a kick out of this yesterday. We had a ball. Her chunky baby legs kills me.

3. I found this photo for Throwback Thursday and I’m in love with it. Pierre and I started dating on a 3 hour car ride from Miami to Sarasota for Spring Break in the spring of 2006. This was taken at Siesta Beach the next day. We were young, and awkward, and adorable. I hate my hair in this photo but he looks like a total hottie and it makes me wonder why I ever tortured the poor man for 4 months before agreeing to go out with him. Girls.

4. This one makes me laugh before she looks like she’s doing the dance from “All The Single Ladies”. I really don’t like that song at all but Eva still looks adorable. P.S. that shirt is a 3 month dress that she use to wear way back when!


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