I totally haven’t forgotten about you! I know it seems like it. Since our trip to Baltimore a few weeks ago my brain and life have been all over the place. Where shall I begin?

Well, I guess it all started with the 8 hour drive to Maryland and back within 3 days with a 7.5 month old. Actually, Eva did really well in the car considering her circumstances. I had a lot of toys and my iPad with videos to keep her entertained. I wish someone would cater to me on long car rides! This kid has got it pretty good.

Our time in MD with friends was priceless. I absolutely loved being there and seeing everyone I miss so much! Going to our old church and getting to meet all the new babies there, too, was just awesome. One of our awesome friends, Brian, opened his home to us and we were so appreciative. Unfortunately, Eve really does not like to sleep anywhere other than in her crib. I spent so much time sleep training her to sleep in her room that now she will only sleep in her room. SO, she slept with Pierre and I. I use the word ‘slept’ very loosely here because she rolls around and just wants to comfort nurse all night long. Ouch is right. And, of course, I’m freaking out all night because I don’t want to smoosh her. Let’s just say that I’m super spoiled now that she sleeps 10+ hours in her room when we’re home. I feel like I deserve it though because she ‘slept’ with me for the first 4 months of her life, I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep.

Moving right a long. We got home from MD on Monday night so my days were all turned around and I kept thinking it was Sunday. I thought Friday was Thursday and posted a recipe instead of Photo Friday. But don’t worry you weren’t the only one jipped. Pierre’s office always buys them lunch on Fridays so they can all eat together as a team. I, completely believing it was Thursday, packed him a delicious lunch. Oh, but of course as he was heading out to his car I handed him his lunch box and in an attempt to cheer him up I said “Hey, it’s Friday!”. I’m totally crazy.

Normally, I work Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Well, one of the girls that works at the gym just stopped showing up while I was in MD so I’ve taken on Thursday, too. Well, not for long. On Monday I told my boss I can’t commit to a schedule anymore. One thing you should know about me is that I hate to disappoint people. Anytime I’ve had to resign from a job or even just say no to someone I feel like total crap. But here’s the thing. Eva has now made it clear that she hates the gym. We are there in the mornings into early afternoon and it cuts right into one of her naps. She doesn’t sleep well in the stroller like she did when I first started working there. She now screams her head off from about 11:30 am to 1 pm until I get her home into her crib for a nap. It’s completely heart breaking. So after Thanksgiving I won’t be working anymore, unless they need me to cover a shift now and then. This also means I can actually get to workout! I never have time anymore. I have seriously looked at a calendar 4 times while writing this post because I don’t know what day it is or how long ago we went to MD.

Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, I’m trying to reorganize the entire house. We are renting a really small house and we have a lot of crap so it gets messy quickly. I feel like I need to be smart about organizing and get creative when it comes to putting things away to maximize space. Pinterest is my best friend. I went to Target to return a hat and mittens I bough Eva and I ended up leaving with 2 bags full of things AND two items too big for bags. Oy.


In conclusion. I’m tired, confused and I haven’t forgotten about you! I have some recipes and other things I want to post soon. Let me just figure out where my brain is first.


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