Hand Pies

Okay, get ready for the easiest recipe you will ever come across. I hope you try it because, well, it’s delicious. I made these in like 20 minutes flat and you can use any kind of pie you want.

I had left over pumpkin pie so you know that’s what I used. I’m pretty sure I would have chosen pumpkin even if I didn’t have any left over. Yep. One of those small store bought pies would be perfect for this.

Hand Pies
Makes 12

2 sheets puff pastry, thawed
1 cup leftover pie, I just used a spoon to scoop the pie including the crust

Preheat the oven to 375ºF. Unfold each puff pastry sheet and run a knife along the creases so you end up with thirds. Cut the thirds in half, leaving 6 small rectangles per sheet. Drop about a teaspoon of pie in the center of each rectangle and fold over, using a fork to seal the edges. Cut a small hole in the top of each pie for steam to escape. Bake for 15 minutes or until they are golden brown.

Another Thanksgiving dessert idea!


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