Photo Friday

It’s Friday! I’m sure this time.

1. We dressed Eva in an elephant costume for her first Halloween. I can’t stand how cute she looks in this photos. It’s as if she just realized that the candy is free! Too bad she won’t be allowed to eat it for a little while. Thanks to my in-laws for the adorable costume!

2. Last Saturday Pierre, Eva and I volunteered at an organization called Growing Hope with a group of friends from church. It was really cold outside but totally worth the time. Growing Hope is a non-profit organization that provides fresh produce almost year round for the local community. They also teach cooking classes and how to garden and grow your own fruits and vegetables. We prepped the ground for winter planting and pulled weeds. It was so much fun and I absolutely loved it there. I can’t wait for my schedule to free up a bit so Eva and I can volunteer there more regularly! I got a high just from seeing the vegetables growing in the greenhouse. I just love everything that has to do with food and being at Growing Hope just solidified that for me.

Also, I put my baby in wheel barrel. How cute is that pumpkin hat? Even though she was in a million layer and the weather was, in fact, frightful, she did so well and loved playing in the dirt like a regular kid :).

3. I can’t get enough of mock Chipotle. I’m completely obsessed and firmly believe that I can not live without it. So I made a ‘burrito bowl’ while Eva took her afternoon nap and didn’t share with her. That’s right.


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