Photo Friday

It’s been a while! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Hopefully now that all the  holiday commotion has died down I can get back into blogging more regularly.

1. We were in Florida for Thanksgiving and were able to take some nice family photos. It was really fun to get dressed up but the best part is that we took the photos at the gold course our wedding reception was at. Almost 6 years ago! It was nice to be there again with Eva :).


2. While in Florida we tried to go to St. Armand’s Circle and it was FREEZING. Well, like 50 degrees but freezing for Sarasota. We drove about 2o minutes to get there, hopped out, snapped this photo and got back in the car and went home. Notice I left my jacket in the car.


3. I tried to make fried buffalo cauliflower and it was a total disaster. The buffalo sauce was excellent but the batter for the cauliflower would not crisp so it was like eating cauliflower in a savory donut. I will master this recipe and get back to you. D7K_34134. Eva is almost 10 months! Please excuse me while I go sob in my room. I say it every day of my life… where is the time going? Why is she growing up so fast? She eats everything I put in front of her even though she doesn’t have any teeth, she stands up on furniture whenever she can, she ‘talks’ all the time and smiles at her mamma all day long. Pretty much the greatest baby in the world. 

4. Pierre thinks that men and scarves should never mix. I’ve been trying to get him to wear one for ages. He bought one about 4 months ago and finally got around to wearing it a few weeks ago. I think he looks super handsome. He finally gave in when the temperatures dipped into the teens and 20s and he realized he needed it to survice Michigan winters.


5. Growing up Pierre’s mom would make a birthday cake for Jesus and they would sing happy birthday on Christmas. I think it’s a beautiful way to show your kids what Christmas is truly about. This was my first year making Jesus a cake. I had no clue what kind of cake to me but I knew I wanted something that would be a tradition through Eva’s childhood. What kid doesn’t like chocolate cake? It had a peppermint ganache filling and I made a light and delicious homemade whipped cream to dollop on each slice. It was moist (thanks to my little secret) and decadent but the bit of peppermint gave it a lighter mouthfeel. Not slathering it with a heavy frosting, while delicious, was the right way to go. I ate plenty of it. I’m pretty sure Jesus wanted me to ;). IMG_1856

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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