Update: My Vegetarian Life

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 months since I made the decision to stop eating meat. I’m pretty sure no one in my family has ever done that. I am proud of myself because I’m standing up to animal cruelty in a small (very small?) way.

I started out strong back in October and I have to say that it hasn’t been that hard, apart from a few days here and there. I thought I would cave and make all of these justifications for why I should be eating meat but that feeling never came. I immediately (within the first week) dropped some weight, not much, but I was still surprised because I didn’t think it would have such an impact. My energy has stayed steady and I feel so much lighter after every meal. I never get that “I’m so full I’m going to explode” feeling. I’m still running whenever I can and Pierre and I signed up for a 5K in March.


Thanksgiving Day Salmon


Somewhere around Thanksgiving I decided to eat fish. Not every day but 2 – 3 times a week. So maybe in some people’s eyes I’m not a vegetarian anymore, but being a pescetarian is a diet and way of life. Thanksgiving and Christmas was pretty hard to get through without eating meat. We were in Florida with our families for Thanksgiving and even though I don’t like turkey, the whole weekend I was dodging meat. My grandfather was completely confused about my diet, and maybe a little offended, and my grandmother was just short of offering me lamb (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, anyone?). My brother and cousins were teasing me and my mom was worried about my and Eva’s health. My sister did stick up for me though :). On Christmas Eve (Pierre’s parents were in town) I made tenderloin steaks for the meat eaters while I had some amazing lobster tails. I was satisfied with my lobster but the smell of the steak was calling. For the most part I don’t crave meat and when I do I know I need to up my protein.


Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, ham, and every casserole you can think of. Oh, and the best cornbread ever made.

One of the main reasons I don’t eat meat anymore is because I’ve seen so many documentaries and read way too much about the harm that comes to animals during the farming and butchering processes. Even though fish can’t scream and express their pain the way cows or chickens do, I would be able to go fishing and eat what I caught. Which is something I would never be able to do with any other animal. Maybe it’s because I can’t heat the fish’s pain so I pretend it’s not real. I do feel guilt sometimes for eating fish but I am trying to make better decisions overall when it comes to eating. It’s something I’m working on and probably will be working on for a large portion of my life.


My sister’s amazing fish nachos

So, you may see some seafood on the blog from time to time. I doubt you’ll see any meat or chicken any time soon. You might also see some change in the layout and design of the page. I will also be posting more than just recipes so I hope you like me because you’re going to get more of me. You’re welcome?


Christmas Eve Dinner: lobster, steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, salad & biscuits


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