Photo Friday

1. Simple foods make me happy. When few ingredients come together to make something satisfying and healthy I am reminded of why I love cooking and fresh ingredients. I will never tire of meals that make me feel that way. I roasted a bit of butternut squash and tossed it with red quinoa and store-bought pesto. Just awesome.

2. I tried this recipe for tuna melts last weekend and they were so delicious! I have had the same cans of tuna in my pantry for a while and I haven’t had any ideas strike me so I turned to trusty Foodgarker. That site never lets me down. I didn’t know what to expect but Pierre and I both really loved this recipe. I just changed the mayo to greek yogurt and added a little mustard. I used sliced Munster cheese and regular toasted wheat bread. It was a refreshing change in our meal rotation. I’ll definitely make it again!

3. You would probably be embarrassed to be seen with me at the gym. I wear the most obnoxiously bright socks and shoes. Last weekend, shortly after having those tuna melts for lunch, we went out to run a few errands and I came across the most beautiful shoes I’d ever seen. Well, lucky for me, not only am I training for  5k (and maybe a 1/2 marathon) but I also have a birthday coming up. They magically appeared on my front step on Tuesday :).


4. Eva has this new thing where she FAKE smiles or FAKE cries. What? She’s only 10 months, how can she possibly know how to be fake and have a sense of humor? This is crazy. This is her fake smile. Even though I know she doesn’t mean it, it makes me happy.


Short and sweet! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and you cook something beautiful.



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