Blog Changes

There are changes on the horizon! Don’t let the new name fool you, I’m still here! Here’s a little background on FoodTherapyFun and an introduction of Chef by Invitation.

I started FTF on June 4, 2010. I was living in Baltimore City with Pierre (Eva wasn’t even being considered) and my eyes had recently been opened to the world of food blogging. It was love at first sight. I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own. Ever since I’ve had this vision of what I wanted my blog to be. Mostly a place where I could share my passion for food as well as keeping me accountable to living a healthy lifestyle.

FTF has been on a posting rollar coaster that ranged from posting every day, more than once a day and even going MONTHS without posting (not by choice). I want a place where I can post recipes that I develop, recipes that I try from my favorite blogs, and talk about my struggles with weight and working out freely. I’d like for this to be a place where we can be friends and come together to encourage each other to live better lives.

Enter Chef by Invitation. CBI is just the blog I’ve always wanted to write. You will still see great recipes here but also a lot more about me and my life. I’ll probably get a little personal so I hope you can handle it ;). I hope you enjoy what’s to come and join me on this journey. Here’s a litte background on the name:

When we were living in Baltimore, I would go to my friends houses and cook all the time. I absolutely love cooking for others but not in the ‘restaurant chef’ kind of way. I wanted a name that would embody everything about me and this is definitely it. Short, simple, food lover, friend and, if you ask, I’ll push my way into your kitchen with delicious, fresh ingredients before the invitation is fully out of your mouth. I hope you like pushy.


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