Photo Friday

Hello! I’ve been waiting for this day pretty much all week. Every day this week gave me the feeling that Friday was the following day. I’ve been so confused. But now I can rest easy because it is, in fact, Friday. Until next week, of course, because I’m sure I’ll be just as confused then, too. I feel like this happens to me more often than it should and I wonder if it’s a sign of getting older. I do have a birthday coming up soon. Oh, boy.

1. Speaking of my birthday, Pierre is a wonderful gift giver. Which makes me happy but also a little nervous because I never give him gifts as good as the ones he gets me. One of my gifts (all of my gifts, actually) came early and I wasn’t complaining. I found this lovely box on at the front door this week. Food Network aired this special edition of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” where Bobby Flay (um, I love him) talked about his favorite holiday candy. Pierre and I wanted those coconut bars immediately and because it was so close to Christmas, Fran’s Chocolates was totally sold out. I was disappointed but thought that maybe I could remind myself for next year and order them early. I was under the impression that Fran only made them for the holidays. I was very surprised and really touched that he remembered how much I wanted them. And let’s face it, chocolate is always a good gift. And, just so you know, they are worth every single penny. They are way more delicious then they look. Imagine that.






2. Eva turned 10 months this week! And guess what? NO TEETH! I was starting to wonder if she was ever going to get them but if her fussiness and her waking-10-times-per-night-screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs is any kind of indicator of teething, I beg the Lord they will come in soon. I’m pretty sure I see her bottom teeth just below the surface but who knows. She still eats like champ. Who needs teeth to eat? Those gums do a pretty good job all on their own.



D7K_37673. How cute is this shirt?? Another birthday gift. Love it.

4. When I was pregnant I wanted to buy a Coach diaper bag but Pierre wouldn’t agree. I definitely see his point, they can be pricey. So I protested a bit but purchased another bag and got on with my life. Well, Mother’s Day rolled around and SURPRISE! Pierre brought me a beautiful Coach diaper bag! See what I mean? Amazing gift giver. But then tragedy struck when I noticed it tearing at the seams after only having it for 7 months. BOOOOOO. But the wonderful people at Coach gave me an even trade for a new bag. I love them. I tried to get the same diaper bag but it wasn’t available any more. I got a beautiful red tote but when I got home I was mourning my bag! Materialistic much? Ugh. IMG_2317

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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