Birthday Rant

Our weekend was quite a doozy. Side note: does anyone say doozy anymore? I feel so old sometimes. I guess it’s valid considering my birthday is in 5 days. I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you how old I’m turning because it is, in fact, not old at all. Like, not even a little. But you know when you were a kid and you saw someone older, oh I don’t know, let’s just say someone around 25 years old and you thought to yourself, “Man, I’ll never be that old! That person is OOOLLLLDDDD”. Yeah, well I remember that all too well and I’ve never been able to shake it! I don’t know why because I’ve always been told I act and look (thanks?) older than I am. The funny thing is I don’t think you are officially elderly until you’re about 90 years old so it’s not like I think my life is over or anything. I just need to remember what my mom always says: you’re only as old as you feel. She’s right, you know.


Ikea with her buddy Joel on Friday

Every year my birthday rolls around and every year I get into a funk about it. It’s hard for me to celebrate. I’m trying to turn it around, though. It’s time to grow up I guess. This year I can celebrate the fact that I birthed a child into the world and have been successfully raising her for 10.3 months. I can also celebrate that I have a wonderful husband who loves me wholeheartedly and would do anything to make me happy. I can celebrate the fact that my mom and beautiful niece, Jolie, are coming to spend my birthday with me! Even though their high today is 73º (We talked this morning and they are wearing long sleeves today. Riddle me that.) they are making the trip all the way up here where it is currently snowing and will continue to snow through the weekend with highs in the teens and lows in the single digets. I kind of feel sorry for them and the fact that they have to spend time here when it’s so darn cold. But I am so looking forward to watching Eva and Jolie play and have some much needed mom/daughter time with my lovely mother. That was one heck of a rant.


Happy girl even though she was running a fever

So back to my weekend. Eve started running a low fever on Friday night and it continued through Sunday afternoon. I was a little freaked out because she has never had a fever before. Thankfully she wasn’t showing any other signs of being ill and her appetite hadn’t wavered in the least. That’s my girl! Her fever broke before she went to bed on Sunday night and hasn’t returned. We think it’s a side effect of teething because her gums are a little red swollen where her bottom teeth would be. No teeth yet, so we’ll see! I can’t wait to see those suckers.


Learning to check her own temperature

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! And do me a favor. If your high is 73 today, please got to the beach and send me a photo. Thanks.


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