Photo Friday


Oh my goodness. You will not believe this. I still kind of don’t believe it. So, I mentioned that my mom and niece are coming this weekend and how crazy they are because they are leaving their 70 degree weather for my 10 degree weather. I know my niece doesn’t have super thick clothes for a winter like this so I just figured we would hang at the house and stay warm. Well, change of plans. Our heater broke last night. And I’m not sure when it will be fixed. We are hoping today. Thankfully we have a really great space heater that we have on in the living room all the time so we just moved it into Eva’s room. We also have another one arriving today that we ordered earlier in the week in anticipation of my family’s arrival. Perfect timing, I guess.

1. I love this face.

2. I’ve made this recipe for coffee pudding twice and I can’t get over how easy and delicious it is. Top with whipped cream and dessert is served.


3. Pierre strikes again with his amazing gift giving. This Nike+ Sportwatch arrived this week. Not only is it exactly what I wanted but it’s neon. I have this goal to run a half marathon in 2013 and this is totally going to help me get there. My running isn’t that exciting these days but I am trying to get my distance at a better place. I can use this watch indoors (because there is no way I’m running outdoors in this weather) but I can’t wait to put the GPS to use and run outside the minute it warms up. One of the many reasons I love this watch is the size. I have very small wrists so this is perfect, not bulky at all.



4. Pierre brought me this cookie from work today. I’m not a huge fan of sugar cookies but this one I liked. I’m not sure if it was the adorable heart shape and decoration or the fact that it was the size of my face but I’d eat another one. Right now.


5. Sometimes I hate that I have to let my dog out in this weather. Okay, I know you are getting sick of me complaining about the weather. But seriously. I’m freezing over here. Eva was watching me from inside the house while I took photos of massive¬†icicles. This photo makes me happy. Her eyes crack me up. And then Pierre tried to get her footprint on the cold glass door. Poor baby.




Enjoy your weekend! I’ll just be over here wrapped in 3 blankets, getting one year older and kissing my baby.


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