Photo Friday

This PF is mostly dedicated to gifts I received for my birthday. But also to the plethora of sweets currently in my house. Someone please come and take it all away. Maybe. I haven’t decided yet.

1. My aunt thought it appropriate to give me a thousand gifts when she visited last weekend. Oh my goodness. I don’t see her as often as my other family so I guess she was combining all of the birthday/Christmas/house warming presents from the last couple of years. Or she just loves me and wanted to bring me stuff. My family loves giving gifts and being generous.

  • Olive oil. I almost fell over when I saw this. It’s expensive and I use it ALL THE TIME. I told her it’s basically gold in this house. So amazing.
  • A glass trifle dish. I need to make a trifle asap
  • POUNDS of pine nuts! Hello, pesto! I can’t wait for summer
  • Red & white kitchen towels
  • White square appetizer plates
  • Chocolate hazelnut truffles
  • Belgian & French biscuit cookies
  • Beautiful floral mugs

Not pictured:

  • Two Joe Fresh long-sleeved shirts
  • A coat, also made by Mr. Fresh
  • A top and two pants, plus shoes for Eva

Let’s just say she hooked me up.






2. Riley is getting more attention these days. Eva can’t get enough of her. Here she is trying to share her puzzle pieces with the dog. The funny thing is that as attention seeking as Riley is, she can only handle being so close to Eva for 30 second and then runs away scared. But it’s better than 1 second, which is what it was for a while.  

3. Onward with the sweets. Pierre ordered more of these chocolates. Oompf. Someone roll me to the gym, please. Thanks.


4. Totally random. We have a happy light. It’s basically for people who live so far away from the sun that they want to hibernate for the winter. There’s a condition called SAD (how appropriate) and to not come down with it we bought this light. It’s strage how euphoric it makes you feel when you are near it. It’s like sun crack for the winter depressed.

D7K_4246Oh, we also have leftover cake AND chocolate chunk cookies that were an impulse buy from my grocery store’s bakery. To be fair I threw away the last cookie out of guilt. Ugh. I hate that. But notice it was the last one… if only I could pass up sugar.

I hope your weekend is wonderful! Enjoy the Super Bowl and eat something delicious. GO RAVENS!



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