Photo Friday

I wish my brain was functioning. Have you ever had a day that wasn’t particularly hard but mentally exhausting? I’ve had that kind of week(s?). Eva is still struggling with a cold and cough. Poor thing! If you’re a parent then you know that if your baby is not 100% healthy there is always something off in the way you run your day. You’re constantly trying to make everything easier so your child is as comfortable as possible. Constantly thinking ahead to make the day better for them. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know, but I’m worn out!

1. She’s been to the doctor twice in two weeks and thankfully she hasn’t needed any meds. She is basically getting one cold after another before the first one has time to fully clear up. The dr told us that kids in this region of the country are known to get 7 – 10 colds right after the other so it seems like just one long illness but it’s not. That sounds like complete misery. Poor babies. At least she enjoys the entertainment at the office.
IMG_00062. Last weekend we made pancakes and Pierre wanted to try his hand at Micky pancakes. My mom use to make us Micky and Minnie pancakes when I was little and I LOVED it. She even made Minnie’s hair bow! This was Pierre’s fist attempt and I think it turned out better than anything I could have attempted. He was a little disappointed with it but Eva still ate most of it. Practice makes perfect!  


3. I got new glasses. I feel like a hipster but have a sneaking suspicion that I look like a fool. Oh well, I’m keeping them.

Photo on 2013-02-21 at 20.44

I’m off to recharge my brain.


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